Top 10 Lightest Paintball Guns

Some of the lightest paintball guns ever made have come to light in just the last five or so years. With the technology and demand for better and lighter paintball guns increases more manufacturers answer the demand by creating some of the best paintball guns the industry has seen!

The following paintball markers are the lightest the paintball industry has to offer!

The Spyder Victor Paintball gun is the lightest paintball gun on the market that is still reliable, easy to maintain and sells for a very very fair price. This one is not the fastest shooting, most attractive around but for light weight and entry level this marker will do everything you need it to for a fair price under $75!

The Azodin Kaos paintball gun is the next light and RELIABLE paintball gun available,

The Empire Mini is one of the most popular and lightest paintball guns around! The quality of this marker is unmatched!

Once you get into the $500 plus range you start looking into paintball guns like the Empire Axe Pro! This is a new release for the year two thousand fifteen and the changes they have made are significant compared to the older model Empire Axe paintball gun.


Now if you aren’t trying to stay under any kind of budget one of the best and lightest paintball markers out there at the high end level is the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5.

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