The Top 10 Paintball Barrels in the paintball industry have not changed much over the years. With over 20 years of paintball experience, our staff has tried and tested over 30 different barrels and barrel systems. After trying out so many different types of barrels with years of different brands of paintballs in all different weather conditions you really get to know how paint reacts with certain weather conditions and which barrel will perform the best in the majority of those situations.
If you are new to paintball barrel research there are a few things you need to keep in mind and there are a few rules to follow.

One idea most people think is true which is not is the idea that a longer barrel helps you shoot further. In reality, the longer the barrel past a specific point (usually 16 inches will actually shorten the distance the paintball travels. This occurs because the more drag you put on a paintball the slower the paintball will shoot. You can turn adjust your paintball gun to make the paintball shoot harder to compensate this slow down but now you are using more air to shoot the same distance you would with a shorter barrel.

Another idea is that a rifled barrel will put a spin on the ball and make it shoot better. This theory has not been proven or dis proven to our knowledge. From the experiences we have, a normal, non rifled paintball barrel actually shoots better than a rifled barrel. Our theory is there is less chance of getting debris into the path of the paintball the better. A rifled barrel has grooves on the inside of the barrel which are harder to clean and allow places for dirty or paint to sit and get onto the paintball when it is fired.

Here is our list of our Top 10 Paintball barrels!

Custom Products One Piece BarrelREAD MORE HERE
The Custom Products one piece barrel is one of the best barrels on the market for the lowest price. This barrel is available in many colors and lengths. CP offers high performance for a low cost but while providing a good quality barrel.

The J & J Ceramic barrel has a Teflon coating on the inside which helps clean the barrel out if you get paint or dirty inside. This barrel also has additional porting to make this one of the quietest barrels on the market for a reasonable price.

The BT Apex barrel puts a spin on the paintball allowing for you to shoot around corners (literally). This barrel does not offer a lot of porting but does give you greater distance than most barrels on the market.

Tippmann Flat Line BarrelREAD MORE HERE
The Tippmann Flat line barrel system is without a doubt one of the top barrels made for all Tippmann paintball guns.
The barrel puts a back spin on the paintball giving it the ability to shoot 1 and a half times most paintball barrels on the market.


The Deadly Wind NULL Barrel is one of the lightest and quietest paintball barrel on the market. The company is based out of Houston, TX and does a great job keeping the price of the products affordable. Between the increased porting and light weight carbon fiber material, the NULL barrel has many features only $100+ barrels have.

Dye Ultralite BarrelREAD MORE HERE

The Dye Ultralite barrel is one of the oldest and best performing paintball barrel on the market and has been for years. The UL barrel is a two piece assembly allowing for you to change the back piece of the barrel in order to change your bore size to allow for an increase in accuracy. The tips of the UL barrel come in multiple colors to allow you to match nearly any color combination you are looking for.

Smart Parts Freak Kit – READ MORE HERE

The Smart Parts Freak Kit is one of the oldest and most popular barrel systems in the industry. With the low price it is one of the most affordable and best performing barrel kits on the market. The barrel uses different barrel inserts to adjust the bore size to fit your paintballs for the best accuracy.

Deadly Wind Fibur BarrelREAD MORE HERE

The Deadly Wind Fibur Barrel is the carbon fiber version of the Smart Parts Freak Kit. This carbon fiber barrel uses the Smart Parts Freak inserts to adjust the bore size of the barrel in order to offer the most accurate barrel. In addition to the inserts, the barrel also has increase porting to make the barrel extremely quiet on nearly every paintball gun.


The Dye BoomStick CF is the re make of the Dye Boomstick from 10+ years ago. The quality of aluminum and machining from Dye Paintball makes the Dye Boomstick one of the best performing barrels on the market but you will pay for it. This barrel comes in a 15 inch and a 17 inch length which most barrels only come in 12,14,16 inches long.

Empire Super FreakREAD MORE HERE

The Empire Super Freak barrel kit is a remake of the Smart Parts Freak Kit but Empire Paintball has changed it up quite a bit. The Super Freak comes with 5 inserts in different denominations than the Freak Kit and it also comes with 3 different barrel tips! The kit comes with an Apex 2 barrel tip to offer longer distance and curving of paintballs, a carbon fiber tip to lighten the barrel and an aluminum tip so you can customize the way you really want your setup to look!

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