What are the top 10 paintball guns? With over 20 years of combined paintball experience our staff has tried and tested nearly every paintball gun that has been manufactured in the last 5 years.

The list below includes the top 10 Paintball Guns that offer the best in durability, performance and price.We have listed the top 10 paintball guns in order based on price. The #1 on our list will be durable and great for price where our #10 is the best overall paintball gun where price is not a concern. If you are looking for beginner paintball guns click here. 

The main feature that most of the higher priced paintball guns offer that the less expensive paintball guns don’t is the actual feel of the paintball gun when it fires. The higher end paintball guns have a very smooth, crisp shot with very little kick. This allows for the player to have more control over each and every shot, allowing you to eliminate more players than before! If you like what you read be sure to check out the top 5 paintball guns article we put together.



#10 – Spyder VictorRead More Here


The Spyder Victor is a mechanical, non electric entry level paintball gun. The company Kingman who manufactures the Spyder paintball gun has been around for 10+ years. They now make a very reliable, inexpensive paintball gun that is easy to clean and repair if the need arises. The model shown below has a clamping feed neck which makes it easy to tighten your feed neck enough to hold your loader, also known as your hopper onto the top of your gun. This insures the loader does not fall off while you are running around playing paintball. One downside to this gun is it does not have a for grip to hold onto like the Azodin Kaos shown below.

#9 – Azodin KaosRead More Here


The Azodin Kaos paintball gun makes our top 10 list because it is by far the best paintball gun on the market for under $100. This gun is all metal with a clamping feed neck that is adjustable without tools! This paintball gun has a metal for grip that allows you better control of the paintball gun when shooting it. This gun is designed to be extremely simple and fast to clean for anyone of any ages!

#8 –Tippmann 98Read More Here

The Tippmann 98 Paintball gun has been around since 1998. If you have ever rented a paintball gun from one of your local paintball fields you have most likely used this paintball gun. With it’s design, the Tippmann 98 is said to be the most durable paintball gun ever made. If a paintball field can use this paintball gun and rent it out 3-5 times a day, your typical player who plays 2-4 times a month would be completely satisfied with this paintball gun. Keeping that in mind, the durability of the Tippmann 98 is no question of local fields can rent it out so many times without any issues.

#7 – Project SalvoRead More Here


The Project Salvo is a paintball gun made by Tippmann, a very well known paintball company that leads the industry in tactical style paintball gear and paintball guns. This gun provides the very durable design that all Tippmann paintball guns are known for in addition to it’s tactical railing and adjustable/foldable stock!

#6 – Tippmann A5Read More Here


The Tippmann A5 was and still is one of the most popular paintball guns every released in the industry. This gun was one of the first to allow full customization so you could add an adjustable car stock, red dot sites, an AK 47 look alike magainze, or pretty much anything else you can think of. With a tool less dis assembly this paintball gun also ranks very high on the durability test. It’s very strong, aluminum body gives the paintball gun strength for crawling in the woods when diving or hitting the ground hard.

#5 – GOG ExtcyRead More Here

The EXCTY paintball gun is a remake of the world renowned paintball gun that was released under the name of the ION. This new design has features the old design never offered, fixing a hand full of issues players complained about. You can now remove the bolt and firing assembly out of the back of the gun without completely taking it apart. You need one tool and lube and you are set! The on/off power button on the ION was aweful, but this new power offers a crisp button and a clear display notifying you that the gun is on and ready to fire.

#4 – Empire Mini GS – Read More Here

The Empire Mini GS was one of the first paintball guns of it’s time. This paintball gun proves you do not have to spend $1000 on a paintball gun to compete and still have a very fast rate of fire, light, and compact paintball gun. The bolt system is extremely simple and easy to clean and understand. The trigger is very smooth to push and pull while you are firing it. The light weight and small size of the Empire Mini GS is mainly why it landed itself on the Top 10 Paintball guns list.

#3 – Empire AxeRead More Here

The Empire Axe is being called the Adult version of the Invert Mini. Using the same bolt technology, the Empire Axe has all of the upgrades the mini needs but already installed and perfected. With the push of a button the bolt and firing assembly can be removed to clean this gun. The Empire Axe also offers a flip lever air on/off system that allows you to degas your paintball gun without having to struggle to take off your air tank.

#2 – Bt TM 15Read More Here


The BT TM 15 Paintball gun makes our list of the TOP 10 PAINTBALL GUNS list because it uses the same internals as the Invert Mini and Empire Axe. This technology has been used for over 5 years now with very few hiccups along the way. Now that any issues that the Invert Mini had have been completely fixed, using this technology in a woods ball type paintball gun just makes sense. This gun is light weight with the same features as your high rate of fire “Speed Ball” type paintball guns. The select fire option on the grip frame allows you to switch from Semi Auto to Full Auto or 3 Round burst with the flip of your thumb!

#1 – Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5Read More Here


The Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 paintball gun is THE gun to have. With a crisp, smooth shot, easy of cleaning and lack of complex parts to clean and maintain, this paintball gun offers everything you could ever need plus more! It comes with a metal carrying case, a very large o ring kit for long term servicing of your paintball gun in addition to a set of allen wrenches and gun oil.
If you have never shot the Geo 3.5 you need to get your hands on one at your local paintball field, you will see why we rank this gun at the top of our Top 10 Paintball guns list.

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