Updated October 2018 – With there being so many paintball hoppers available now days what are the Top 10 Paintball Hoppers? We decided to put together a non biased Top 10 Paintball Hoppers list and break each hopper down to you to show you why you should be one over another or why you should stay as far away as you can from another.


#10 – Proto PrimoRead More Here

If you want to save money but do not want to deal with putting batteries inside your hopper this is perfect for you. The improved Proto design is amazing for the price and keeps you from having to shake your paintball gun in order to get paintballs to feed, even without a motor and batteries.

#9 – Tippmann CycloneRead More Here

This is by far the best hopper on the market for Tippmann paintball guns. This hopper definitely deserves to be on the Top 10 Paintball hoppers list. The Cyclone feed system uses air directly off of your paintball gun to spin the hoppers internals during each shot. This insures that the hopper is feeding correctly as long as you have air in your paintball tank to shoot the paintballs. With a great record for being durable and reliable, this is the best hopper hands down for the Tippmann paitnball gun.

#8 – Halo TOORead More Here

The Empire Halo Too is the best performing paintball loader for the money. With a cost that is less than half the price of some top paintball loaders, the outstanding performance of this paintball loader will make this an easy choice for most players. The ultra-quiet belt drive will force-feed 20+ balls-per-second, allowing your marker to throw plenty of paint at your opponent. The Freeway™ Anti-Jam keeps the paintball loader from jamming and breaking paintballs, so you’ll still be shooting while others are busy scraping paint. The new, matte black poly carbonate shell can withstand any hit and can easily fit 180 paintballs. The on-board computer directs the sound-activated feeding and allows you to program the Motor Speed, Microphone Sensitivity and Feed Stack monitoring. But of course, with a name like Halo, you knew you’d be getting the ultimate in paintball loader technology. Put this loader on your marker and Empire will make a believer out of you Too.

Definitely a loader you need to check out and experience for yourself!

#7 – Valken VSLAvailable Options Here

The Valken VSL or Valken Switch Loader got it’s name from being the only loader in paintball that can switch from .68 to .50 caliber in seconds. The VSL also comes with a click in capacity add on kit so that you can switch between low profile or high capacity on the fly without tools and without the need for another shell kit. And finally, the lid uses a press fit to easily “switch” from full rain lid to the optional speed feed. The VSL runs on 3 AA Batteries and has a simple one button on/off operation that anyone can use. The tool-less design boasts one of the quickest breakdowns of any loader as well as maintaining one of the lowest profiles of any hopper on the paintball market today.

#6 – Dye LTR Rotor Read More Here

 the latest addition to DYE’s family of innovative loaders. The LT-R utilizes proven DYE loader technology that fuses top-notch functionality with mind-blowing feed rates and reliability. LT-R was created to provide every style of player a loader that retains the quality performance that’s needed to win at a price tag that’s unmatched. Trusted quality and proven consistency have made the DYE Rotor platform the number one choice in loader technology among paintball players worldwide. Patented Rotor technology provides smooth, consistent, and rapid feeding. This is made possible by the combination of the LT-R’s constant feed carousel and the opposing rotation of the Rotor center arm. The LT-R features a simple toolless design with a low profile shell that allows for a 200 ball capacity. The patented spring loaded floor tray makes sure that paint ends up in your gun. Adjustable feed tension and a built-in anti-jam release trigger makes sure your patented constant feed hopper can handle any paint and condition. The interchangeable carrier/spring lid allows for a quick and easy change between lid and optional DYE Quick Feeds. LT-R sets standard for battery efficiency, powered by only 3 AA batteries allowing the hopper to get 80,000+ balls shot count. The LT-R has a variety of upgrades such as color kits, quick feeds and high capacity tops.

#5 – HK Army TFX Read More Here

After years of research and development and consulting with paintball’s top athletes, HK Army is proud to present you with the best loader experience paintball has to offer; The TFX. Utilizing a unique patented drive system that boasts a consistent feed rate and anti-jam capabilities as well as incorporating innovative features, the TFX performs better and is more reliable than any other loader on the market.

When paintballs are in the feed tray, the patented Swoop Stack assembly takes over. The system is designed to activate as each ball is shot and to continuously drive paintballs forward into the marker. The 3 layer slip system enables the paddles to effectively agitate and loosen any possible jam to continue feeding. The Swoop Stack operates flawlessly with all types of paint; oily, dimpled, brittle, and even works perfect with Reball and other reusable paintballs. The highly advanced technology is not to be mistaken as complicated. The TFX is completely toolless; the shell, tray, and Swoop Stack assembly can be disassembled with ease for quick cleaning and easy access to change the 2 AA batteries needed to operate the TFX.

#4 – Virtue Spire IR Colors Available Here

The Virtue Spire IR is a killer loader! I feel Virtue has shot themselves in the foot by releasing such a solid loader. The Spire IR is just like the original Spire. It is not nearly advanced as the new Spire 3 but still performs with the best of them. This loader is light weight and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This loader only uses 3 batteries and lasts 1-2 months of regulator weekend use. If you are looking for a light weight, simple loader for around $100, this is the best loader for you. If you would like to support the paintball store that owns this website, be sure to check out the Virtue Spire IR paintball hopper on Pro Edge Paintball.com

#3 – DYE Rotor R2Read More Here

The Dye R2 Loader is one of the coolest loaders to hit the market in almost 10 years. The Dye R2 deserves a minute from you to take a look at and consider it as your next upgrade! The loader expands from 200 ball capacity to a 250 ball capacity with the movement of one slide button. The Dye Rotor has a very high feed rate as usual and offers an anti jam tab to pull when you have any issues during game play. This loader also has an option to turn the sound and lights off for those scenario players.

Definitely a loader you need to check out and experience for yourself!


#2 – GI Sportz LVL Read More Here

The GI Sportz LVL loader is one of the newest loaders on the market. This loader offers the player a great loader that works, is reliable and is available for an extremely fair price. This loader comes standard with a speed feed and a rain lid that is very easy to add and remove quickly. The LVL loader is light weight and very simple to take apart to clean. This loader only uses 4 double A batteries that are very efficient. I personally have used the LVL loader since 2017 and you I typically only need to change my loaders about once a month.   The LVL loader is available in about 5 colors. There is also a large 250 capacity shell available below in the links if you are the player that doesn’t like to have to reload very often.

#1 – Virtue Spire 3 – Colors Available Here

As of 2018 the Virtue Spire 3 is still the top loader on the market! The Virtue Spire paintball hopper has now been out for years and proven to be the best loader on the market! The Spire nearly NEVER jams up no matter how good or bad the quality paintballs you put in it. The hopper is also so easy to clean anyone can be taught how to take it apart and clean it in under a minute. The new Virtue Spire 3 offers some of the most advanced features of any hopper ever released. Cleaning requires no tools at all and about 30 seconds of your time. It is available in over 10 different colors to match any set up you might already have. The hopper is sound activated which works perfect and has a ton of great features like turning the power button sound on or off and turning the LED light on and off for the players who play at NIGHT! There is even an APP for your Virtue Spire 3 Loader!

Thank you for reading my article! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to my paintball store Pro Edge Paintball in Houston, TX! Our staff will do whatever we can to help answer your questions and get you into the best paintball gear for your news.


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