Paintball masks have come such a long ways in the last 5 years and even more so since the creation of paintball as a sport. With that said, most players now days still aren’t too sure as to why one paintball mask is better than any other. Below is a list of our Top 10 Paintball masks. To put together this list we have taken into account price, durability, protection and breath ability. We have included masks that are best for the price but do not include a thermal lens. For those of you new to paintball, a thermal lens is a lens that uses two lens attached to one another. The space between these two lenses keeps the mask from fogging up. This is extremely helpful when playing in humid conditions or it is raining outside. Most masks will say they are anti fog but the only true anti fog that we have found over the years of playing paintball in all kinds of conditions is that the thermal lens works better than all other forms of anti fog.

#1 Proto EL Switch – READ MORE HERE

This mask claims it is anti fog and it does actually work for a short while. What we recommend is to purachse this mask and add on the upgraded lens, a thermal lens (shown above as the HD Thermal Lens). The Thermal Lenses are what come standard in your $100+ mask that keep the lens from actually fogging up! Unless you play in the rain or at night, this upgraded lens will not fog up on you. For the price of this mask plus a thermal lens you can save about $20-$30 compared to buying other high end masks. The EL Switch mask with a thermal lens offers full face and ear protection, a visor to protect your forehead better than most masks on the market in addition not fogging up. Not only is it a good price but you are actually able to replace the facial foam on the mask unlike most of your $50+ paintball masks on the market.


The JT Proshield is a heavy duty, very comfortable paintball mask that comes with with a thermal lens to prevent you from getting shot because you can’t see through the foggy lens! This paintball mask is one of the most affordable masks for the comfort and performance you will receive. With the hard ear pieces and face mask the Pro Shield protects your cheeks, chin and face better than nearly all other masks at this price level.

#3 JT Flex 8 Full Head Shield – READ MORE HERE

The JT Flex 8 Full Head Shield is the most protective mask on the market that comes with a thermal lens standard in it. This paintball mask covers your full head front and back and is not over the $100 price range.


The Empire E Flex is the latest release from Empire Paintball. This has the thickest and most comfortable foam available in paintball so if you are looking for a comfortable, no fog lens this is the mask we recommend.

#5 V Force Grill – SEE ALL COLORS HERE

The V Force Paintball Mask has been around for so many years and is still a great buy. It offers full face and ear protection and also comes with a thermal lens stock. The latest upgrade for this mask is the HDR Lens as seen above. These lenses are by far one of the best looking and easy to see out of lenses on the market. This is a very durable and long lasting mask.

#6 V Force Profiler – READ MORE HERE

The V Force Profiler is one of the oldest masks on the market that still has great interest from players. It is extremely comfortable and offers one of the widest field of vision out of nearly all masks in the industry today. This mask does come with a visor which some players like to use when it rains. This mask does not fog up on your and you have the choice of purchasing an upgraded lens in multiple different colors.

#7 Empire Events – READ MORE HERE

The Empire Events are probably one of the best paintball masks for adults. This paintball mask offers full facial protection for your chin and ears. Some adults with larger heads have a problem with their chin sticking out of the bottom of most masks. This mask comes stock with a thermal lens, and uses the same thermal lens as the Empire E Flex and rarely ever fogs up.


The Dye I4 mask is known for being the smallest, lightest paintball mask in the industry. It has extremely soft foam and has a small profile which keeps it closer to your face and lighter which is perfect for most of your younger kids that are playing paintball. The thermal lens system Dye has created pretty much never fogs up and offers a very wide field of view.


The JT Flex 8 Paintball mask offers a harder outer surface for more protection but tends to fit players with a smaller head better than players with a larger head. This mask looks cool and comes in a variety of of Camo, Grey and Olive. This mask comes with a thermal lens that does not fog up. For the price this mask is extremely comfortable and protective.

#10 Sly Prophet – READ MORE HERE

The Sly Prophet mask is the last one our list for a few reasons. The ear pieces inside that touch your ears, unlike any other mask on the market makes you feel like you’re wearing a motorcycle helmet. Some people like this snug tight fit but for the majority of players, they tend to cut the ear padding out to give you more room inside the mask. The foam on this mask is incredibly soft, probably the softest in the industry. This mask offers a wide field of view and most of them come with a smoked to clear fade lens that very few other companies even make. This mask also comes with two mask straps to help hold this mask to your head better than any other mask on the market. Be sure to try this one on before buying as it fits some players great and others just can’t stand how it fits their face on the temple and nose areas.

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