#1 Proto EL Switch – READ MORE HERE

This mask claims it is anti fog and it does actually work for a while. What we recommend is to buy this mask in addition to a thermal lens. For the price of this mask plus a thermal lens you can save about $20-$30 compared to buying other high end masks. The EL Switch mask with a thermal lens offers full face and ear protection, a visor to protect your forehead better than most masks on the market in addition not fogging up. Not only is it a good price but you are actually able to replace the facial foam on the mask unlike most of your $50+ paintball masks on the market.

#2 Proto FS Switch – READ MORE HERE

The Proto FS Switch is a heavy duty, very comfortable paintball mask that comes with with a thermal lens to prevent your paintball mask from fogging up. This paintball mask is one of the most affordable masks for the comfort and performance you will receive.

#3 JT Flex 8 Full Head Shield – READ MORE HERE

The JT Flex 8 Full Head Shield is the most protective mask on the market that comes with a thermal lens standard in it. This paintball mask covers your full head front and back and is not over the $100 price range.

#4 Empire E Flex – READ MORE HERE

The Empire E Flex is the latest release from Empire Paintball. This has the thickest and most comfortable foam available in paintball so if you are looking for a comfortable, no fog lens this is the mask we recommend.


The Dye I3 Paintball Mask has been around for so many years and is still a great buy. It offers full face and ear protection and also comes with a thermal lens stock. This is a very durable and long lasting mask.

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