The Top 5 Woods ball Paintball Guns has comes down to the woods ball guns listed below.  After over 15 years of playing paintball I have looked at the most important aspects of a good, solid paintball gun and put them in order of the top 5 overall woods ball paintball guns. 



The Dye Assault Matrix is by far the coolest tactical gun ever released in paintball. This paintball gun looks real, feels great and fires the amazing First Strike round paintball. You can switch between magazine fed to hopper fed with just a slide switch. This allows you to use normal paintballs in your hopper and First Strike sniper rounds in your magazines. If you don’t know what First Strike rounds are You Tube them, you will be amazed! The price is a little high bit for the performance and nice gun carrying case that comes with it, this paintball gun is well worth it’s price tag.

#2 Tippmann X7 PhenomSEE MORE OPTIONS HERE

This is far the best durable electronic tactical paintball gun on the marker today. The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a little heavier than most but features an electronic mode of full auto and 3 round burst and also offers a mechanical setting just in case your battery dies in the middle of the game. Of course the Phenom is backed by the Tippmann brand’s reputation and durability. For this price you also receive the Cyclone feed system which is the hopper or loader system that operates off of the air running through your paintball gun. As long as you have air you have a working hopper, unlike your standard hopper that if your batteries die, you are out of luck!

#3 Tippmann US ARMY Project Salvo  – SEE MORE

The US Army Project Salvo is the by far the best Woodsball paintball gun in the under $200 price level. If you want to slowly customize your woodsball paintball gun without spending a ton of money up front, this is the perfect paintball gun. You get the Tippmann durability with the great tactical look for under $200 which is hard to beat.

#4 Empire BT TM-15  – SEE MORE HERE

The BT Tm15 is the next best performing tactical electronic paintball gun that offers a very light weight and great looking platform for about the same price as the X7 Phenom. This paintball marker is high performing as it uses the same internals as the Invert Mini and the Empire Axe. This paintball gun is completely electronic and offers a hand full of different firing modes available to you at the flip of a thumb switch. These come in multiple camo and tactical color choices to match your uniform as close as possible.

Things I don’t Like-

The shroud is too long to use with the Apex 2 barrel upgrade unless you purchase the Limited Edition BT Tm15, the body is a durable plastic but doesn’t seem to be too extremely durable. The trigger assembly is just difficult to put together if you need to clean  your gun.

#5 – Tippmann A5Read More Here

The Tippmann A5 was and still is one of the most popular paintball guns every released in the industry. This gun was one of the first to allow full customization so you could add an adjustable car stock, red dot sites, an AK 47 look alike magainze, or pretty much anything else you can think of. With a tool less dis assembly this paintball gun also ranks very high on the durability test. It’s very strong, aluminum body gives the paintball gun strength for crawling in the woods when diving or hitting the ground hard.

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